Dear MVCS parents, grandparents, family, and friends:

We have some exciting news! The Summit Bechtel Reserve and the Scouts of America have committed to provide labor and tools to help add some new playground equipment and additions to the school and church playground. All we have to do is provide the ideas and material!

Several fundraising ideas have already been submitted.  Also, recycled tires have been donated for us to use to make different playground apparatus.  The great news is that the Summit coordinating office is thrilled about our location and would like to keep coming back year after year for service projects.  So, for example, this summer we may only add new stairs, add barriers and woodchips or paint the existing equipment.  The following year, we may be able to raise enough money to add a larger playground piece such as an in-ground trampoline or spider-web climbing net.

Our children are so devoted to their schooling and Christian growth while they are in the classroom.  It is a deep belief of mine, and I am sure of yours, that they need time to play, run, and express creativity while in an outdoor setting.  Adding newness to our children’s environment is always fun and beneficial for them.

If you have a box of nails, screws, or cans of paint in your garage that you have no plans to use, please consider donating them for your children’s playground.  If you have contacts with lumber companies and they have defective wood that we can either have or buy at a discount price, please let me know what they are willing to donate or discount.  If a friend or church member wants to sponsor a load of woodchips, please collect the money and return it to the office at school so we know what resources will be available so the project work can be outlined for the Scouts.

The staff, Mrs. Elder, and the Bloomfields are very supportive of adding and updating the playground.  We hope that we will also have your support and please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.

Additional information may be sent out at a later time as we progress in this special project.

We are all very busy and it is always with reserve to ask for more of your time, your resources, etc.  This is also an opportunity for your child to step up to the plate and identify what he or she would really like to have on the playground and find a way to make it happen.

Thank you so very much and let’s get ready to play!

Below is my contact information:

Michelle Faherty