Newsletter April 1, 2022

The Lord is good, and His love is eternal; His faithfulness endures through all generations. -Psalm 100:5 HCSB

RE-ENROLLMENT PACKETS SENT HOME THIS WEEK: If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office. All accounts must be up-to-date before re-enrolling your child.

ENROLLMENT INCENTIVE IS AVAILABLE AGAIN THIS YEAR: Take advantage of this great opportunity to receive a one-time reduction in your tuition. The new student that you recruit will also receive a one-time reduction in their tuition. Look for this form in your enrollment packet.

BOOK LISTS WERE SENT HOME WITH APPLICATION: Books must be paid in full by May 13, 2022. Books will not be ordered until paid in full.

USED BOOKS: If you are interested in purchasing used books for the coming year, please send a note attached to your enrollment packet requesting them, or you may call the office. You must be enrolled for the coming year before you can be placed on the used book list.

SPRING CONVOCATION A GREAT SUCCESS: What a blessing our Spring Convocation was to everyone who attended. The elementary and secondary students were ministered to each day in a mighty way. What a blessing to be a part of a school where we can give worship and honor to the Lord each and every day!

BUNNY KISSES FOR SALE AGAIN THIS YEAR: The National Honor Society will be delivering Bunny Kisses on Tuesday, April 12th. Order forms were sent home and must be returned by April 6th.

EASTER BREAK – APRIL 15-18, 2022: School will resume on April 19, 2022.


WHEN: APRIL 20, 2022 AT 1:00 P.M.

COST: There will be no charge, but there will be a jar set out for donations.

The audience helps to make the game fun by “bribing” (with donations of cash) the referees, etc. For example: You might pay $5.00 to blindfold the referee for 30 seconds. It’s all in fun and will be a great time with lots of laughs to be had!

More detailed information will follow.

TERRA NOVA TESTING: APRIL 25-29, 2022. During this week parents should prepare their children by making sure they have plenty of rest and a nourishing breakfast.

BREAKFAST DURING TERRA NOVA TESTING: The Prom Committee will be providing breakfast during this week, for a fee, to all students. Look for a menu of available items next week.

CELEBRATE THE END OF TESTING WITH A MOVIE ON APRIL 29: This is a fundraiser sponsored by the National Honor Society. For a fee of $5.00, elementary and secondary students will receive a drink, popcorn, and a piece of candy. You will receive more information on this fun afternoon in the near future.



Kindergarten: Cassidy Aliff, Alexander Compton, Kage Craddock, Lincoln Faherty, Natalie Ferda, Paisley Harvey, Mark Lawhorn, Leoma Murdock, Mason Poland, Charlotte Thomas, Cadence Ward

First Grade: Brooke Ford, Kimber Harman, Shelby Ludwig, Calleigh Snyder

Second Grade: Lucas Bird, Adeline Cantley, Lucas Floyd, Athena Shuemake, Aubree Shuemake

Third Grade: Eli Faherty, Blake Ford, Anthony Linkous, Payton Roark, Brooklyn Snyder

Fourth Grade: Marshall Faherty, Jeffrey Floyd, Jaxon Parrish

Fifth Grade: Kendall Bloomfield

Sixth Grade:None

Seventh Grade:Jed Taylor

Eighth Grade: None

Ninth Grade: Montana Carrico

Tenth Grade: Zane Anderson

Eleventh Grade: Nicole Gilkerson

Twelfth Grade: None


Kindergarten: None

First Grade: None

Second Grade: Bailey Fox, Conrad Milam, Nathanael Saylor, Jade Shuemake

Third Grade: Brock Rader

Fourth Grade: None

Fifth Grade: Presley Holly, Kaiden Watson

Sixth Grade: None

Seventh Grade: Eli Watson

Eighth Grade: None

Ninth Grade: None

Tenth Grade: Mackamey McKinney

Eleventh Grade: C. J. Ball

Twelfth Grade: Alex Huddleston


Kindergarten: None

First Grade: None

Second Grade: Jeremiah Gilkerson, Caleb Huddleston, Canaan Stone, Jude Wolle

Third Grade: Kash Craddock, Braysen Sydnor

Fourth Grade: Daniel Poland

Fifth Grade: Parker Holly, Austin Snyder, Isabella Taylor

Sixth Grade: Payton Dillon

Seventh Grade: London England, Tylin Fitzpatrick, Ben Keffer, Jasper Massey, Braedyn Yellets

Eighth Grade: Peyton Bush, Somer Hamrick, Ethan Taylor

Ninth Grade: None

Tenth Grade: None

Eleventh Grade: None

Twelfth Grade: Shanna Murphy, Jarrett Nuckols