Newsletter April 14, 2022

He is not here. He is risen! Luke 24:6

EASTER BREAK – Mountain View Christian School will observe Easter Break from April 15-18, 2022. School will resume on Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

MOUNTAIN VIEW CHRISTIAN SCHOOL SUMMER CAMP 2022: There’s still time to enroll your child in the Summer Camp. Please return your registration form by Tuesday, April 19, 2022, so we will know how many will be attending.

WACKY BASKETBALL FUN AND FUNDRAISER – WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20TH AT 1 P.M. IN THE GYM – Proceeds will go to the School Improvement fund. The games will be timed, and there will be two games. Grade 3-6 will play the first game. Grades 7-12 will play the second game. The concession stand will be open. Each item will be sold from 50 cents to $1. The games will be open to the public. Parents and others are invited to attend.

Admission is free. Donations will be accepted and welcomed. A jar will be placed at the entrance for those who wish to donate. Students and the public will be able to pay money for officials to change some rules temporarily to benefit one team or player or to interfere with another team or player, all in good fun and successful fundraising!

Students in grades 3-12 who are signed up to play in the games need to check with their teacher to see what color t-shirt they should wear for the game.


The faculty and staff wish each student and family a wonderful Easter and pray that the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ will resound with greater power than ever in your lives and homes.

If you do not have a home church, we ask that you make a special effort to be in a Bible-based church for Easter. It will be one of the best decisions you could ever make for you and your family. Happy Easter!