Newsletter November 4, 2022

He comforts us every time we have trouble, so when others have trouble,

we can comfort them. -II Corinthians 1:4

VETERAN’S DAY CHAPEL – WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2022, AT 9 A.M. – Our own Scott Tolman will be the special speaker. This will be a combined chapel for elementary and secondary students. All veterans and families are welcome to attend.

Since this is a combined chapel, we will also be collecting any donations of laundry supplies you have for “Loads of Love.” As a reminder, this is a donation of laundry supplies that will be given to the Church of God New River Ranch Children’s Home. Laundry baskets will be in the sanctuary for students to place their laundry supplies. Thank you in advance for helping us to provide New River Ranch with a blessing of laundry supplies.



Much appreciation goes to the parents, teachers, friends, family, and staff for making this year’s event a success. The donations of crafts, baked goods, food, monetary contributions, etc., that came from parents, grandparents, and area businesses were a great blessing!

Special thanks to Mrs. Pennington for acting as Chairperson for the event. Her offering of time, effort, and talent was invaluable. Also, thanks to the teachers who sponsor clubs and organizations within the school. Our secondary students did a wonderful job in helping with the festival from beginning to the end!


Noah Gwinn – K-3 Sovereign Clements – K-4 Colton Mayfield K-5 Natalie Ferda Gr. 1 Calleigh Snyder Gr. 2

TIE: Adeline Cantley and Canaan Stone Gr. 3 Brooklyn Snyder Gr. 4 Emilee Byers Gr. 5 Wyatt Dorsey Gr. 6

COOKIE DOUGH FUNDRAISER WINNERS ANNOUNCED: The Cookie Dough Fundraiser was a great success! Thank you again for all the support you gave to this very important fundraiser.

The top seller for the school was BLAIRE RIFFE (PRE-SCHOOL K-4) WITH 65 ITEMS SOLD – Blaire will receive one month free tuition for her prize.

The second highest seller was RAELYNN STONE (PRE-SCHOOL K-3) WITH 55 ITEMS SOLD – Raelynn chose a fishing pole for her prize.

The following students who sold 25 or more items had their names put in a drawing and got to choose their prize. They are also going to be able to enjoy a pizza party with games for one hour in the gym on Wednesday, November 9th, from 11:00 – 12:00 p.m. They also had a great time on a field trip today to the bowling alley, with lunch provided from noon to 2:00 p.m.

Logan Gwinn – Preschool K-3 – Fishing Pole with Tackle

Ethan Thomas – Kindergarten – Large pizza from Pies and Pints

Alexander Compton – First Grade – Fishing Pole

Braysen Sydnor – Fourth Grade – $100 Cash

Adeline Cantley – Third Grade – Kayak with Paddle

Brock Rader – Fourth Grade – Free Standing Basketball Goal

Wyatt Dorsey – Sixth Grade – Movie Passes

The class selling the most items was Preschool. This class gets to wear their pajamas ALL WEEK the week of November 7-10. They even get to wear them to chapel that week!

Our secondary students (7th – 12th) sold over $2,100.00 worth of items! Those who sold several items were awarded Homework passes and/or a free time at school watching a movie and having popcorn! Thank you secondary students!

NOON DISMISSAL: The Cookie Dough items will be distributed at school on Friday, November 19th. All students will be dismissed at noon on this day so they can be able to deliver the items they sold. There will be no afternoon extended care on this day.

Please be prepared to pick up your child and the cookie dough that you ordered by noon. We have no extra freezer space to store the cookie dough. If your child will not be in school on that day, please make arrangements to have your order picked up by someone else.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for contributing the prizes for our fundraiser:

Anonymous donation of $100.00 Cash/Marquee Cinemas/Wisteria’s Gifts/ Friendly Bass and Buck Shop/Pie and Pints/ Mr. Bill Fink/Mr. Mike Watson with Beckley Auto Mall and Hometown Subaru/Conrad and Conrad Law Office

MENTOR PROGRAM: The “Buddy” activity for November is on Thursday, November 17th in the morning. The students will be decorating cookies with their buddy. If your child has food allergies, please let Mrs. Ball or Mrs. Adkins know.

THANKSGIVING CHAPEL: We will have a combined chapel on Thursday, November 18th at 9:00 a.m. Every elementary class will be doing something special.

The secondary students will have a “showcase” of their classroom work in the foyer area of the church. After the chapel, there will be light refreshments in this area. We would like to encourage all parents to enjoy the refreshments and take a few minutes to look at the secondary’s talents before you leave.

This day we will also be collecting Laundry item donations for “Loads of Love.”

FRUIT SALE! Just in time for Christmas!! Today, November 4th, you will be receiving an order form and more information concerning the fruit that we have sold for the last couple of years. The fruit was delicious, and many people used it for gifts, fruit baskets, etc., for Christmas. The order forms, along with payment, must be returned to school by Monday, November 14th. The fruit orders will be delivered the week of December 12th. REMINDER: WE MUST HAVE 150 ORDERS TO GET THE FRUIT SHIPPED. If we do not get that many orders, we will refund the money that was collected.



Kindergarten – Jonah Floyd, Elisha Harman, Colton Mayfield, Isaiah Saylor, Skylar Shuemake, Finley Sturgill, Garrett Treadway

First Grade – Cassidy Aliff, Joseph Dorsey, Mark Lawhorn, Leoma Murdock, Charlotte Thomas, Cadence Ward

Second Grade – Brooke Ford, Kimber harman, Shelby Ludwig, Calleigh Snyder

Third Grade – Adeline Cantley, Lucas Floyd, Noah Runyon, Athena Shuemake, Aubree Shuemake

Fourth Grade – Eli Faherty, Blake Ford, Anthony Linkous, Brock Rader, Payton Roark

Fifth Grade – Jaxon Parrish

Sixth Grade – Kendall Bloomfield, Kaiden Watson

Seventh Grade – None

Eighth Grade – London England, Jed Taylor, Eli Watson

Ninth Grade – None

Tenth Grade – Montana Carrico

Eleventh Grade – Mackamey McKinney

Twelfth Grade – C. J. Ball, Nicole Gilkerson


Kindergarten – None

First Grade – Paisley Harvey

Second Grade – Jonathan Hamrick

Third Grade – Nathanael Saylor

Fourth Grade – Brooklyn Snyder

Fifth Grade – Marshall Faherty

Sixth Grade – Karlye Hendrix

Seventh Grade – Peter Bigelow

Eighth Grade – Tylin Fitzpatrick

Ninth Grade – None

Tenth Grade – None

Eleventh Grade – Zayne Anderson

Twelfth Grade – None


Kindergarten – Skylar Dillon, Corbin Milam, Blake Roark, Ethan Thomas, Ruby Wolle

First Grade – Alexander Compton, Kage Craddock, Daniel Faherty, Natalie Ferda

Second Grade – None

Third Grade – Kaylie Byers, Jeremiah Gilkerson, Caleb Huddleston, Conrad Milam, Jade Shuemake, Canaan Stone, Jude Wolle

Fourth Grade – Kash Craddock, Ethen Hamrick, Braysen Sydnor

Fifth Grade – Jeffrey Floyd, Austin Hoover

Sixth Grade – Wyatt Dorsey, Lorie McKinney, Alayna Murphy, Bella Taylor, Lilly Taylor

Seventh Grade – Payton Dillon, Sidney Skidmore

Eighth Grade – Jasper Massey, Maraeya Stewart, Braedyn Yellets

Ninth Grade – Wyatt Aliff, Peyton Bush, Somer Hamrick, Emma Huddleston, Ethan Taylor

Tenth Grade – Diamond Eye, Isaiah Taylor

Eleventh Grade – None

Twelfth Grade – None