prekMountain View Pre-School is open for children 3 and 4 years old by July 1st..  The program is much more than a nursery school or day care. We utilize curriculum which helps three-year olds begin recognizing letter shapes and learn letter sounds in “Letters and Sounds N.” Button Bear helps them sharpen their listening skills, follow directions, and practice hand-eye coordination as they learn number concepts 1 through 15.  Amber Lamb reviews the curriculum in a delightful way in art, motor skills, and crafts. There are always wonderful games, songs, and much interaction.

Four-year olds begin with Little Books 1-10 learning basic vowel sounds and moving on to consonants, blends, words, and simple sentences.  Each child may progress at his/her own reading level, but most are reading at the completion of the K-4 program. Again, art, music, crafts, and Bible memorization are part of each day’s activities.

Extended school is available before and after class.