Newsletter February 9, 2024

And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:13

Congratulations to Ms. Brenda Allen, Mrs. Heather Ball, Mrs. Amy Adkins, and the Student Council for a job well done with Homecoming. There is a lot of work that goes into preparation for this special night. Thank you for helping to make Homecoming 2024 a special time for all!

LIBRARY BOOK DRIVE – Mountain View has exciting news! The Junior Honor Club, in partnership with the National Honor Society, is launching a new project to reorganize our school library for the benefit of all students. We are reaching out to you for gently used Christian books, classics, fiction, and non fiction history books and reference books that you may be willing to donate. Additionally, if you are open to contributing financially for book purchases, we would greatly appreciate your support. Your generosity will help us build a more extensive and varied library.

To contribute books or make a contribution, please reach out to our school office. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and our clubs will be delighted to assist you in this meaningful endeavor. Thank you for your generosity!


TUITION REMINDER – Tuition is due on the 10th of each month. After the 15th of the month, a $5.00 late fee is added to the account, and after the 20th, a $10.00 late fee is added. No student will be allowed in class if the account is 30 days past due until the account is brought up-to-date. Thank you in advance for making tuition payments in a timely manner.


Grades 3-4 Division: Audrah Bennett – “My Best Friend, Charly the Dog”

Grades 5-6 Division: Jeffrey Floyd – “Samus’ Great Adventure”

Gradess 7-8 – Alayna Murphy – “Curiosity Killed the Cougar”

Grades 9-10 – Tylin Fitzpatrick – “Perpetua


Next year we hope that all grade levels will participate. Writing is an excellent way to learn as well as to communicate.


Heritage Christian – Home, Friday, Feb. 16 – Elem. 5:30 p.m.

Heritage Christian – Home – Friday, Feb. 16 – Middle Sch. 6:30 p.m.


Charleston – Saturday, February 17th – Elementary and Middle School – 10 a.m.


The primary mission and purpose of Mountain View Christian School is to train students in the knowledge of God and the Christian way of life while offering an excellent education. The teachers of Mountain View Christian school realize the solemn responsibility before God in molding the life and character of each of their students in order to give a good foundation for each child’s future. The entire administration and faculty demonstrate a caring concern for each child under their care. Mountain View Christian School is a ministry of Mountain View Church of God, which is located at Hilltop, WV.


As we enter a new calendar year, we want to remind all students and parents of the MVCS expected student outcomes.

We all should be praying about these outcomes for our students. If you have suggestions or concerns about how we could address these more effectively, please contact Brenda Allen by note, letter, or email at

You can further help us work toward these outcomes through your fellowship with us and your discussions with your children at home.

This week we would like to feature number 1. Please discuss with your child as appropriate to his/her age, what Christian worldview means as opposed to other worldviews regarding local and global current events.


  1. are well prepared in all academic disciplines, and are skilled in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking
  2. are proficient in mathematics and science
  3. have a knowledge and an understanding of people, events, and movements in history (including church history) and the cultures of other peoples and places
  4. appreciate literature and the arts and understand how they express and shape their beliefs and values
  5. have a critical appreciation of languages and cultures of other peoples, dispelling prejudice, promoting interethnic harmony, and encouraging biblical hospitality for the “alien” or “stranger”
  6. personally respond to carrying out the Great Commission in a culturally sensitive manner
  7. know how to utilize resources, including technology, to find, analyze, and evaluate information
  8. are committed to lifelong learning
  9. have the skills to question, solve problems, and make wise decisions
  10. understand the worth of every human being as created in the image of God
  11. can articulate and defend their Christian worldview while having a basic understanding of opposing worldviews
  12. understand and commit to a personal relationshi0p with Christ
  13. know, understand, and apply God’s Word in daily life
  14. possess apologetic skills to defend their faith
  15. are empowered by the Holy Spirit and pursue a life of faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love
  16. treat their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit
  17. are actively involved in a church community, serving God and others
  18. understand, value, and engage in appropriate social (community) and civic activities
  19. embrace and practice justice, mercy, and peacemaking in family and society
  20. value intellectual inquiry and are engaged in the marketplace of ideas (open, honest exchange of ideas)
  21. respect and relate appropriately with integrity to the people with whom they work, play, and live
  22. have an appreciation for the natural environment and practice responsible stewardship of God’s creation
  23. are prepared to practice the principles of healthy, moral family living
  24. are good stewards of their finances, time (including discretionary time), and all other resources
  25. understand that work has dignity as an expression of the nature of God